Safe Texting was founded to save lives. NHTSA statistics prove that all solutions and outreach regarding voluntary prevention of texting while driving Have Not Worked! In contrast, our solutions for warning and blocking texting are not voluntary, and rely on support by both cellular providers and government agencies, without requiring any additional hardware infrastructure.

Note that we own the following domain names – all of which are currently pointed to Safetexting.org:              Safetexting.com;  Safe-texting.com;  Safetexting.org;  Safe-texting.org

All Intellectual Property at Safe Texting is held by Bob as sole-inventor under the name Robert Osann, Jr.  Bob is an Intellectual Property consultant, inventor, and veteran of five venture-backed startups.  He was the founding CEO at two VC-funded startups and a co-founder at three others.  With equal experience in both engineering and marketing, he is also an inventor with 65 US Patents issued, 3 British Patents issued, and more than 6 patent applications pending. Bob has been an expert witness for AMD in 4 patent litigation cases, and routinely performs litigation research for clients including infringement and validity analysis as well as patent portfolio due diligence analysis.

As an independent inventor, since 2007, Bob has sold 8 US patents and 10 pending applications in five transactions to four different buyers, including the sale of two Smart Phone patent portfolios at the Ocean Tomo and ICAP live auctions in 2007 and 2011. For information on Bob’s patents available or sale or license, please visit http://www.silaero.com.

To learn about other technologies we developed to save lives, please visit:

Speed-Sensitive Secure Entrance Systems for high-traffic applications to exclude weapons from buildings and gatherings. Prevents active shooter and terrorist attacks.